About Us

Who we are

We are a group of individuals voluntarily contributing to societal development by helping children realize their God given potentials regardless of what their background or experience has been. We recognize that God has deposited unique gifts in every individual and our goal is to help children realize this, utilize it and grow in it. We are perpetuating this initiative through teaching and mentoring in the areas of fine art and our desire is that these children grow to be responsible people as their discovered talents make way for them in the society.

The Seed of The True Vine

“the Seed of the True Vine”, we are committed to helping less privileged children discover and utilize their talents especially within the scope of arts. We are a non-governmental, nonprofit and charitable organization who provides comprehensive aid and care to children in underdeveloped areas. We aim to help them see the beauty of creation through arts by enhancing their skills, engaging their thoughts through creativity, and giving them an opportunity to use their talents create wealth for them. Most importantly, our desire is that they just do not appreciate the beauty of creation, but that they will also meet with the God of creation who is able to transform their lives and the society they live in.

We are achieving these goals by teaching fine arts classes and engaging the children in enhancement projects to expose their talents to the world and help them understand the value of arts. We are also committed to ensuring that these children attain a good level of education and we provide coaching and mentorship in these areas as well.

Our Mission

To give less privileged children life changing opportunities within the scope of fine arts, theatre arts and fashion design. We want to help them tap into the gifts and talents deposited in their lives, discover creativity and the God of creation, improve their self-image, bring out the best in them and mentor them to give back to the society and communities where they came from.

Our Vision

We aim to have all the children under our mentorship and training get education to a reasonable degree, train them to become reputable fine artists, make them self-reliant and very importantly, become good role models of positive societal virtues. At the end of every child’s encounter with our organization, their talents in arts would have been discovered, they would have realized their potentials, and they would have understood the value of giving back to the community.

How it all began

Damilola Opedun is the manager of “THE SEED OF THE TRUE VINE”. He is a Nigerian pastel artist with some of his works depicting human survival on water. In 2014, he went to Makoko – Oko Agbon with his friend Adebanjo Mesagan to take photographs as reference materials for painting production.

Makoko – Oko Agbon is a slum in Lagos State, Nigeria and is located along the third mainland bridge where one-third of the community survive on stilts built along the Lagoon.

Damilola was deeply moved by the pitiable scenery of the community as he approached the community leader’s house to obtain approval to take pictures of the community for his art work. By the time Damilola got to the community leader’s house, his mind was made up on an additional request. Damilola additionally requested for permission to train the children in the areas of arts. After several consultations, the approval to train children in the community was granted on January 26, 2015.

Since inception, we have recorded several success stories and some of them have been referenced in our “Amazing Stories” blog. Additionally, some of the produced art work have been displayed in the gallery section.

Support this project

If you are passionate about what we are doing, please let us know. We need your support and prayers to achieve our mission. You can support us by referring us to helpful individuals and organizations, donate art materials and/or cash, or volunteer to be a part of this great initiative. All our proceeds go towards aiding the young artists In The True Vine.

You can render donations through our contact lines: +1.678.907.6332, +2348062086131 or transfer your generous donations to :

The Seed of The True Vine Foundation

Guaranty Trust Bank

Account number :0510800485

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